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Who am I? What is life? What do I want from life? What keeps me from jumping off a building or something and die? What is the point of all this shit? I don’t wanna spend my life doing expected things like growing up, going to uni, graduating, getting a job, marrying the first man I fall in love with, have kids, looking after my little depressing imaginary family, getting old and die with a sad face full of wrinkles. So basic, so sad. And what makes the idea worse is this is actually what my future would look like and I have no say in it. I’d rather die now and get done with this life thing, I just don’t understand why? How could be people out there feeling real and pure happiness? What do they do and how do they think? Omg, I just hate everything I wrote and I hate the way my brain thinks and works. I don’t wanna sounds like a negative person, and I’m trying not to be one, but I just feel like I have no enough energy to face the world and engage with society, it needs so much patience and energy that I don’t have right now. I’m scared a little, I hope I never live that expected life, it makes me feels like I’m drowning and there is no one to help me.

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hey my babe i just want to start by saying i read everything you said i literally read everything multiple times everything you said was clearly kept very personal i am so proud of you for opening up like that your life is going to be exactly how you want it to be and only you can make a image of your life i just want to tell you that you will feel better soon and this is a phase and you are going through a phase it is okay to be scared your going to be but just appreciate you are still breathing and standing as a part of this world today i wish you all the best in your future life baby reply if anything my love


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