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While I was having the third emotional meltdown because of my fight with my BF. I was yelling and slapping myself. I lied on the floor. He came to talk to me. When he touched me I flipped.
“Don’t touch me you! Don’t! When you say all the mean things I feel like cutting my wrist.”, I told him this.
Guess what was his reaction. Angrily with loud gestures he yelled- Bs baat hi khatam fir.

I am sensible. I won’t do anything of this level of stupidity for a boy like him. I love my family too much.

I’m scared of sharing anything with me. I don’t know how he might react.

Who replies so negatively when someone is experiencing trauma?

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Dami @samlikealways

You were stressed so was he right? You said something that you should not have, he did it too. People always do and say stuff which they dont mean. Maybe you both need to talk and get this sorted.
But you mention third emotional breakdown, does these fights happen often? If yes you guys need to sort stuff out cauz life is too short to hate my friend. Tomorrow might be the day you guys dont even see each other. Yeah if you find our after talking that you cannot stay then leave with his good memories before you have more bad memories. But yeah you got this. Dont worry about what was said in the heat, figure out the root cause and eliminate that.


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