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Which one is correct?
1) First main focus on making a career not just job and then find love-of-your life.
2) or something else … (There are many alternative )

What I want to know is I want to make sense in option 1 correct cause I have never been in a healthy or toxic or any flavor(sry bad humor) or relationship so I can’t make a solid judgement without knowing

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Sanket @sanket

I’m seeing the same post for another time, is everything alright? Are you stressing on this too much?

Relation and job, both are different aspects of life. Ideal case would be achieving both parallely. But these days life has become so complicated. One can either focus o job or relation. If you happen to be with someone then flourish your bond more more, parallely also work on career. If you are already working then also start developing potential for being with someone
Balance is the thing which needs to be found at each stage of life, one have to prioritize the things wisely…


Actually I didn’t got answer like this that’s why I’m stressing on this thought, thanks for your thought on it.

I actually have thought many possibilities of it but didn’t know which one overlaps with my thoughts like this. And there are time when one have something serious to discuss but don’t have anyone to talk who takes interest in such thoughts thats y one asks in a social platform where ones thinks it’s possible to get an answer 😁 it’s okay if u don’t want to answer

Sanket @sanket

Well I tried to answer, not sure if I have understood your concern correctly. Care to to elllaborate more? As in what are you upto? Facing difficulties in job? Struggling in love life? What are you thinking for your future?


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