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Where were you all the day the girl questioned him (her tone shows how worried she was) he suddenly pulled her into his embrace and said "didnโ€™t I tell you not to wait for me! she held him tight and said if i give up everything can I be with you? Her question made this person hurt(he felt itโ€™s his mistake that she is like this now) he fell on his knees with tears in his eyes " I hurt you!and you still want to be with me! The girl questioned "how did you hurt me, he said I will leave when i found my partner
Girl replied with a sigh
Boy said โ€œdo you hate me now?
The girl said with a smileโ€ i know i will never be the one who will stand beside you " Go happily. ! Donโ€™t worry i will be happy because your happiness is my happiness. He just hugged her very tight as if he let her go he might lose her and then started singing lullaby for her! The girl didnโ€™t close her eyes because she is afraid she might lose him once she closes her eyes! He assured her everything will be fine"Listening to his voice the girl who is leaning on his chest slowly drifted off to sleep! Just then he chuckled and tucked her hair behind the ears and saw her one last time (his eyes were filled with tears) not sure if he will be able to hug her like this ever again! Slowly he carried her to the bed and tucked her in bed!! Held her hand and said to her one last time "itโ€™s time to wake up, i know you will be upset but you will be fine ! Donโ€™t give up! Donโ€™t fight with everyone who hates me! Donโ€™t make mom and dad worry!! Follow your dreams! This is not the end!Good byes are not forever!! So donโ€™t worry i will meet you again !

No the girl and boy are not lovers but they have different meaning of Love oy they can understand โ€œsoulmatesโ€ even though they donโ€™t be together as partners

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Srishti @sris


What to say to thisโ€ฆit is just beautiful ๐Ÿ’œ

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Wooju @wooju




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