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Whenever i read comics wherein the main leads or basically when i see couples in comics looking so carefree, i just snap. Like, there is this feeling of envious and happiness and a mixture of everything else that doesnt match up with each other. :( can someone help me? My heart aches so badly. But one things for sure is that its not because i want to date someone too. I just think that i want to have a someone who will think im special and someone who is head over heels for me:( someone who will smile at me like the world has no problems. Soneone who will be considerate about all things i dont like doing. Someone who likes every part of me. Thats it i guess?

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Eva 💕 @k9nzaki

comics , movies , mangas always portray the ‘ perfect ‘ relationship and i guess people who are single always dream/wish for it and it makes us feel so lonely that we don’t have that significant other in our life or someone who just appreciates us for who we are. peoples expectations of relationships/people are usually high because they’re looking for someone who ‘ came out of a movie ‘ . it’s a natural thing to have those ‘ movie relationships ect ‘ but seeing real relationships there’s a biggg comparison haha , sorry if my response was unhelpful i am just trying to help xx


Yeah…we all live on expectations…i guess thats what you could say. Butbreally, i dont mind if they arent perfect. I just need to feel wanted…anyway, thank you for your response!

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Eva 💕 @k9nzaki

you’ll find that one significant person and i’m glad i could help ! <3


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