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Whenever I am about to get my period I become very moody and fussy about things. It bothers my friends and family but I am unable to control my swinging behaviour. One minute I will be angry about extra sugar in my coffee and the next I will be wanting to eat rajma chawal

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Avni @avni

We have all been there. PMSing means weird mood swings, cravings and temperament. If you think your family is weirded out by this or they just dont get what gets into you, you could try briefing them a day before just to let them know why this is happening and they shouldnt take it personally.

Jahnvi Kumar @jahnvikumar

You just described pms for anybody who doesn’t get it

No one 111 @jarul

That’s probably pms. I get moody on my period, probably because of the surge of hormones. You should really try this app Flo. It helps you monitor your period and health and mood around it.

Kashika @kashika

Ouch! I can totally almost feel it


I feel you. Completely.


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