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When women hate you for your nature, it really leaves no scope for any sort of improvement; unless you are willing to change yourself for them. I’m not. I’ll never change. I’ll stay nice until I drop dead, even if that means that no woman will ever like me.

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Om @i_maloner

No need to change be yourself. Time will come when you will be accepted by the one who accepts for who you are.


That won’t happen. I don’t like to fool myself. But yes, I’ll never change myself.


First of all why do you need acceptance and validation from women, if you are true to yourself thats enough, if your talking about a partner when the right time will come the right person will come along, dont set a timeline for it and keep feeling disappointed, i have been in several bad relationships before i met the person who is correct for me, so it will happen for you too, till then focus on yourself, do things which make you happy, have a good life…


To get things straight, ive never been in a relationship before and I’m not seeking any sort of acceptance or validation from women. That is probably why I find it so easy to understand them when I don’t receive any. All I’m looking for is some love, care and company just like everyone else on earth. I don’t think that is too much to ask for, though I’d absolutely understand if I dont get it


A friend can give those too?


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