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When will my pain and suffering end?

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dhvani @dhvanee


Your pain and suffering will end when you are determined to end them and accept a happier life which awaits you.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj


Yes it will. the sun always rises after the night!

Stay hopeful! Start to look at the bright side but think of things that make you feel grateful! It is a great way to start!


I know that right it may feel like the pain and suffering is never ending and it is normal to feel this way. I want you to remind yourself that no matter how long the nights are, the sun always rises. You may feel like the pain is unbearable or never ending but remember nothing lasts forever. Tomorrow might be a better day. I am not going to ask you to be positive because I know it does not help. So instead, I want you to feel the pain and suffering and take a break and do what makes you happy. Pamper yourself if you can. And try to remind yourself that what you’re going through is not easy. It is painful and hard to deal with but it is also temporary and soon it will end. Just try to go one day at a time.


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