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When we have no goals to chase no person or family to love, life feels like meaningless and this may be the root cause to lose self discipline… Being single at the age of 35 after chasing for successful career and professional growth without social life feels literally empty and useless … Please share your thoughts.

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anuj @anujvohra

Connect with your family and friends. If friends are not there, make a social circle nearby and invest time in it. It’s okay to feel like this. Family, friends and faith will get your far. Having purpose also helps. See if you can get these things in place, it could take time but work on it. Good luck


I think it is all about priority like we dream about success in our 20s and later in 30s most of people want a settled family things which i got because not many people r comfortable being alone so as u said no goal i think when you empty u can achieve more things and tbh people who have settle life also don’t like this currently

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Pranav @pranav888

You are absolutely okay! I believe you can always go back to your family, make new friends and socialise! As now your career is set, you can do so much more for your loved ones!


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