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When u realize that nothing is left in ur relationship and still have to pretend to be happy and act like nothing’s happened… That’s real pain…Having a person in ur life who hardly cares about ur feelings is real pain… And on top of everything being constantly threatened of suicide by someone if u express ur feelings is real pain

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aman @pte

same thing happen with me

Akshi @akshhi

U just need to let him/her go for the good of both of u.


I am being threatened that he will end his life… And also I am attached to him a lot

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We were happy together… 4 years back when he came to my life we were really happy… It’s not that he doesn’t love me… But the problem is with his abusive behavior at times… He becomes too violent and shouts a lot even on my little mistakes… He seems frustrated with me but is not ready to admit that… I really don’t understand what he holds in his heart for me

Akshi @akshhi

When he threaten u to end his life? So u talked abt all this with him…what did he said…???

Akshit Abrol @nameisakshit

Hello Akshi


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