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When u have not to share anything just alone … i wish i can talk to anyone just talk and talk talk … uk loneliness is making crazy and I cannot use social media which everytime upsets me lower my self esteem always seeing everyone have friends going out to cafe’s , club , fest , trips etc i wish i would also experience that but i can’t … to do experience all that u need friends which i do have … aisi kya kami h mere mei … 🥺😞😞
It’s true without any friends u can’t enjoy the life what the exact meaning of it life u would be able to explore that… a lone person is just a pathetic, sad which is making him a devil person and negativity in mind.

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Mr_ @ali1008

i think u need to set some target short term and long term.
dont be dependent on your old frnd.
when u will follow ur dream or goal (book writting or any hobby) u can find like minded people. so spending time with them will be more fruitful than with the old frnds.


It is indeed true that a person needs friend/s but don’t get to sad without having one:) I mean it’s a nice thing to have a friend however it is also nice for you to appreciate when you are alone:) A lonely person is not pathethic or whatever name you may call it, they just haven’t found the friend whom they need and will stay. Cheer up!


Everything you just said is exactly how I’ve been feeling for years. The part where you said “I wish I can talk to anyone…” I’ve had that thought forever. I always feel sad when I go on social media too, cuz I can’t have what others have. And I’m here to talk.


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