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When people tell you that size doesn’t matter, tell them shut the fuck up. My ex wife cheated on me with a man who had a big tool, though she loved me deeply I never satisfied her enough. I do not measure up at all, literally. Women don’t want a man with a 5’ erect hard tool, no way in hell. Actually, gay men also don’t want that little thing. After her, I started exploring other sexual things like gay sex and I discovered how much I myself was fascinated by big tools. Most women and men would give me oral and since I wasn’t packing I had to truly reinvent myself as an oral champion. No one wanted to get fucked by me, it was a waste of time because I couldn’t satisfy anyone. I had sex with women with dicks too by the way. Tonight I was speaking with a girl I am very close with and we had sex in November 2018. She admitted she doesn’t even remember that night though I represented well for almost 2 hours and I even made her cum a few times. It hit me really hard when she said it though, wow! you really don’t remember it? No she said and continued to explain and capped it off with I only remember the one bomb time with someone. She said he was 8’ and had the best cock ever. I get it but hello, you don’t remember the night with me? On the rare occasion now I do have sex it’s always a 1 time thing, no one wants me twice. Anyway, I can’t kill myself but I often hope I get ill and die, at least that way my two kids will gain the life insurance money. Not sure why God is being like this but it is getting stale. In the meanwhile I will just continue to watch random gay and straight porn to satisfy myself and cum. Not much else to do with a small cock.

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Oh man, sex is not everything in life. There are people who like to indulge more and more in sexual activities and there are some who don’t. And even though 5 is not that small. I know sexual life is important but it’s not that important for which you want to sacrifice your life. You know one thing, we Indians lie in the bottom five in the matter of size. So, you just have the average size. It may be possible that the people you choose to have sex with are those who just like having sex only once with anyone. And about that girl who forgets that sex night is just because she had sex with many people so she just can’t remember or she doesn’t want to talk about it so simply she said she didn’t remember. And about your wife then she is that person who prefers sex more as simple as that. If you can’t satisfy her that doesn’t mean you’re bad at it. Everyone has different sensitive parts. I’ll just say this not even a thing to worry about. People to it to relax not to take the stress of it. So, chill.

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Simran @st1199

Wanting to die for this reason doesn’t make sense to me at all. Just because some people out there whom you had sex with didn’t want to have it again, made you think there is no purpose in life and it’s better to end life? Seriously man?

Some things that I know of if you have sex just for “pleasures” and no emotional connect then it’s likely that it happens only once and it’s better that way because then after more than once with the same person it may feel more than “Just Sex” which you or the other person doesn’t want. How do you know your size of the Dick is the reason they don’t want to have sex with you? Did they explicitly tell you (except your ex-wife)? If not, then just because of one case don’t assume. And if they did, again we do lie to not go to the same person or not have sex at all.

Lastly, if you google it up the average size of - The pendulous Penis is 3.61 inches and the Erect Penis is 5.16 inches. To have more detail and country-wise average kindly hit up Google and know it yourself. I hope it gave you an understanding that some things are natural and nothing literally can be done. Someone who has to be with you with your dick she/he will be.


Thanks. Your words are very helpful for many of us.


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