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Sophie @sophiehope

When I said “I love you”, You’d say, “I love you more” and we would fight about who loves each other more. Now look where we are, I guess I really loved you more. When worst came to worst with you I stayed there. I told you we would make it through this and we did. I stayed and now when I needed you the most you left me. It hurts most knowing you see me everyday and you can’t at least check up on me. Ask me if i’m healing not just physically but mentally too because of the way you hurt me.

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I saw a post this morning on Instagram that sort of took the piss about this sort of problem. It said something like ‘look at the upside, at least you won ‘who loves who more’’. But it’s true. It’s good to win that. Yeah it feels shit that you weren’t loved as much as them, but you were able to feel so good that you would love them more! It’s a nice upsetting. I often think about a clip in southpark when I’m in my feels about a relationship. Yeah it’s sad, but it’s a nice sad, because it means something could make you feel so happy that you’d be upset without it. You have a lot of potential for happiness. Don’t give up hope, because some day you will feel that happy; happier even, and it won’t end. You’ve just got to wait for the right person :) x

Cindy @cyndi

Hi Sophie, so I ended a 7 year relationship not too long ago. I know your pain. I’m happy to talk more but just know it getssss better but for now allow yourself feel the pain

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Cindy @cyndi

It’s takes a lot of vulnerability to be in a relationship but it’s also takes a lot of self confidence. You have to learn to try to love yourself first. Believe sometimes I feel like shit especially with my body but for some reason I have been loved by people who didn’t care about any of that and it’s because I didn’t walk around with the flaw holding back myself esteem.

You are beautiful, you are amazing! Always say that to yourself

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