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When I look at some super cute guy I kind of reject myself on my own. So I try to make things work with some below average looking guy so that the chances of him being sticking around are more. But then that below average looking guy ends up dumping me too. Y’all feel me??

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See I understand that looks does matter but I think you should give your relationship a lil time so that you’ll understand how other person is and will he stick around us in future or not (and yeah for me looks doesn’t matter because all I want is someone who will stick around )


But it hurts when you sacrificed that good looking part for the sake of it but it still didn’t work out you know


Yes I do understand that nowadays it’s really hard to find someone who’s good looking and loyal at the same time


And yeahh you cannot reject yourself that easily I mean I haven’t talked to you but it seems you’re really amazing person but comeon you cannot give up that easily😂


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