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When everyone around you is finding true love, connecting with each other emotionally and you feel jealous and left out because of your secrets.

You aren’t you anymore.
You feel just like bunch of untold truths.
You had lost an online boyfriend plus you can’t really make and trust new friends.

Yeah it’s me right now.I am a living but I’m dead inside.Please help me.

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It’s understandable that losing your one close person leaves you feeling alone and upset! But just focus on things you have to cherish! Ending of an relationship is not an end your love life and companionship. Take time to heal yourself, understand what you need in your partner. And never settle for less. But for the time being, give yourself break and love yourself!

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Geetha R. @geetha_raman

Some phases of life needs to be seen differently. Pick up the positives, your life has to be compared only with your own self. Change your perspective and give yourself time. I would suggest you to introspect and journal your day. Get back to me, we could take it further.


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