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4 replies

Is it possible to have the group on Telegram or Threema messaging app(s)? Whatsapp’s new privacy policy issue still hasn’t been finalized and they postponed it to May 2021. Anyone joining a whatsapp group also will have their phone number revealed and there are dime a dozen tools online to uncover someone’s identity via a phone number.

People in Telegram can join a group but have the option of hiding their phone number. Threema is even more secure & better of the 3 but it costs a one-off payment to purchase and use it which is almost less than $1. Please look into both - although I know Telegram is really popular in India.


It is much needed. Finally ❤️


I eagerly wait for your daily newsletter! I look forward to it every morning. You give me a thought to hold on to and a new perspective every day with your daily affirmation. It’s like once I have read the affirmation, it stays with me the whole day. I am so glad that this genuine and is free because most of the therapists and counselling sessions aren’t affordable to many and you guys are doing a great job. The best part is it’s not just that I am feeling good because of Now and Me but I am able to help my colleagues with your articles since they don’t think they are sure of joining the group right now. But a heartfelt thank you


This is awesome.
I have never expected that there is platform for removing anxiety or depression thank respected sir/Mam for providing us such a beautiful platform.


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