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✔WhatsApp Newsletter Feedback✔

🌟 Drop suggestions for next month’s theme:
The best suggestions will be considered for our Newsletter’s theme for the coming months, and the mastermind will be given due credits.

💌We appreciate your constructive feedback. Please let us know how we can do better.

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Post anonymously?

Wow, thanks for this… I feel good already to see Now&Me on WhatsApp among other not so good groups😁… Positively looking forward to stay updated with my feel good group🌱🌻


Is it possible to have the group on Telegram or Threema messaging app(s)? Whatsapp’s new privacy policy issue still hasn’t been finalized and they postponed it to May 2021. Anyone joining a whatsapp group also will have their phone number revealed and there are dime a dozen tools online to uncover someone’s identity via a phone number.

People in Telegram can join a group but have the option of hiding their phone number. Threema is even more secure & better of the 3 but it costs a one-off payment to purchase and use it which is almost less than $1. Please look into both - although I know Telegram is really popular in India.