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Vaishali @vaishalivarsh

What’s your point of view regarding rape in society?
Should be prevent it by making girls to stay at home during night or everytime… and let them out when its necessary.
Shouldn’t we trust on friends with whom we are?
Kuki society th change hone wale hi ni h?
Do you have any solution other then making girls stay at home?
Is it only the mistake of a girl who trusted another person…?

I am just putting my questions or views… there is no intention to harm anyone’s sentiment. So kindly share your views.

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talmeez faizy @aarz

It is a complicated question and cannot be answered with black and white separation.
It will always have some grey zones in the answer

Abhay singh @abhayp3256

The government should have to tke more action for women security and girls have also understand that you are not week

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I was abused but couldn’t do anything about it at all.

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nancy @nancy82

Looking for a good n nice friend to chat ..any Indians here?

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Gaurav @mrgauravv

Find your tribe. Love them hard
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Mr.Vamshi Goud @vamshi23

Hey Anyone from India here?

Alok Rout @alok20

I'm Odia from Angul... Anyone hear to talk with me
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Shawn @shawndza

How important is religion in Indian relationships?