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What’s love…?

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Love is more than a feeling
Love is more than a word
In love you should know how to enjoy silence more than words
For long time love is seen from the lens of romance but if you really know what love is you’ll enjoy every moment is…


A relationship is a journey. It starts when you meet someone, it grows when you start admiring the other person. But a relationship is not just happy days. It’s a struggle to deal with the other person’s insecurities and bad moods. Sometimes you argue, and then hopefully you learn and forgive each other and move on to be stronger. It’s tough to maintain a relationship. Along with all the good things it’s struggle, pain, annoyance, misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Love is that which justifies all the struggles you have to go through in a relationship. Love is that which gives meaning to the bad days, love is that which makes you cherish the good days.


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