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What would you guys do if your best friend suddenly blocked you and stopped talking to you?

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Hey. .I also blocked some of frnds in my case I used to tell share each neverything about me some family issue too. Which now i regret till now whenever they phone call me they just asking me about issue which I don’t like to discuss now.

My close frnds used to tell discuss about me to other frnds circle which I came to know later about it …
it’s not bitching something about me but I don’t like listen stories about me.

Secondly, sometimes when we are frustrated we don’t like to talk to people which whom we talk daily .
Sometime we need some space.
Third, I started loosing self esteem confidence bcos of them .they just said u when will u change some says u didn’t change atall, type of nature u had u should increase confidence.bla bla… it’s not they do it intentionally .but it’s hurts .

I blocked them for particular time period. It’s not I angry on them .
I just talk to some old frnd whom I m not in touch.

may be your frnd feeling the same.
When that person unblocked u then talk to him/her normally.

Good day🙂


try to get closer to them or think about what you did wrong or something that would make them upset. if you are their best friend then you must know what she/he will like and dislike. buy something that would make them feel happier. but if they have totally lost connection with you in all ways than its better to move on.


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