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What will you guys do?
If your bf/gf decides to take break from reln for 2,3 years(because you both were toxic and fight alot hampering both of your carrer) to focus solely in both parties mental health,carrer,personal development?
But you will suffer for 2,3 yrs from this heartbreak

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Raj Chauhan @raj1403

Don’t you ever wait for someone.
If it’s not working , take a call.
Someone loves you or just does not love you it’s as simple as that


What will you do in the same situation but both of you meet after some years coincidentally and both of you have feelings for each other and both single?both mature and have good carrer


Then why not! But break is not for 2-3 years. People move on with time. You’ll eventually find someone who gets you better.


Best thing is so focus on your self if it’s meant to be yours it will be. Being alone is totally fine and you just need space from everything that’s happening toxic relationships can be hard but time heals everything may be 2 years or may be more but it will all we worth it hope you get better xoxoxo

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it @illu

Worry not , you will heal eventually

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Vijay Sharma @vijay25

Simple ans is time heal every pain ha wo bat alag hai 2-3 saal pain rahega but its depends on your intelligence for example sharp people move on fast dumb people take time and ya i am from dumb category because 5 years ho ge i still think about her par pain ab bhot kam hai because time heal. Bss or kuch ni bolna mujhe kuki me bolne lagta hu to rukta ni


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