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What to do when you are trying hard to continue this fucking life and you started feeling that its not worth it. When no one loves you or dont give a fuck about you. everyone whom you loved the most left you. Not getting any love even from your family.not having someone whom you can hug tightly and crt out aloud.its really getting tough to continue like this…

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No one @nothing11

One day at a time bud. You don’t know how strong you can be.

Amarpreet Kaur @amarpreet1...

Really? getting more depressed by continuing like that…

No one @nothing11

I know it tough… but you are your only forever and you must fight for yourself and your wellbeing. I will get better. I promise. Nothing lasts forever. Not even bad times.

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Amarpreet Kaur @amarpreet1...

Thanksss!! your words gave me the confidence to love myself and to do everything for myself…


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