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What to do when you 6 yrs long distance relationship is not going well. He is very ambitious but not ready to accept my dreams. I want to go out and study for 2yrs but he is like no you cannot go coz I don’t want to live alone here and my parents won’t accept. We enjoyed eachother company as a friend more. There is love alot of love but when it comes to responsibility or taking care of gf then no. He is little boy kind and immature mean he does not think much.
I want to live my dreams. What should I do? Please help me

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Love is comprised of many things. It includes understanding, support, care, partnership and respect. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a relationship for with this person, we are constantly evolving and learning. The people we were 6 years back are most certainly very different from the people we are now. Perhaps try talking to your boyfriend and help him understand that good and meaningful relationships are where you both help each other evolve into better versions of yourselves.

Going out to study for 2 years will give you immense opportunity for growth and you will be adding so much value to your skillsets. If your parents are supporting you, I think it is worthwhile to consider going ahead and pursuing your dreams.


I second that. You have one life, so you should live it the way you want to. And anyone who stops you from doing that, for their own personal reasons, is just being selfish.


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