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What to do to attain anger management? How to avoid expectations ?

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for anger management i think you should start meditating im no professional and thats the best advice i can give you . but we are human and its our nature to have expectations . expecting too much will hurt you and too less will make you numb. trust me youre no alone at all . this piece of advice i could never give to myself . but today youve helped me too . so thank you for that . just know who to have expectations with . and im always here for you buddy .


Thats so kind of you. That means a lot


Anger is just an expressive energy, a very basic emotional defence mechanism. And whereever there is anger there will be care as well, if you dont want anger as an emotion, you must not have care as well. What can be done is accepting anger, looking over your thoughts that bring anger( WITHOUT JUDGEMENT ). Anger is a very vital energy in humans that must not be repressed. Just be concious about your attachments that make you lash out on someone.

The art of detachment is the art of regaining control
P.S. Detachment doesnt mean breaking ties with people, its more over connecting stronger with self. :)


one thing that worked for me- I don’t speak up for things now that make me angry. I am not saying to suppress your thoughts, all I am saying is I start thinking that even if I say that is not going to make a difference to the person I am talking to . They will not change. So that is how I manage my anger and in turn reduce my expectations


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