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meenu @blehxx

what things or feeling make you feel like you, make you feel blissful and at peace?
I’ll go first

The whether before it rains the coolness in air, the gloomy gray sky which makes the green of trees and blue of water a little more bright.
the sound of rain that consumes everything ,its earthy smell and the feeling of coolness on your skin.
Books that unravel magic and takes you to another world.
poetries which bare our soul.
coolness of night air
morning mist
golden sunsets and twilight which is beautiful each and everyday
and a warm embrace from the person I love
and to laugh with my heart.

this is me now you go

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Bluve @joseph_22

Damn that’s some cool lines . U should really try out writing. Wait , are u a writer ⚡⚡😆

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meenu @blehxx

LOL im not a writer
though I enjoy admiring others writing

Bluve @joseph_22

Sipping tea and feeling the rain while hearing the rumbling of thunder in the dark sky in the distance after a storm , the soft murky smell of wet earth and the view of whole green dripping wet from the rain … now that’s what it feels to be at peace . I’m having goosebumps 😆


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