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What should I do to fill the void inside me?

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Lake @ann44


May be takin a walk all alone with a soothing song on ears…exploring the nature sometimes makes you realize wht do u miss

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First of all, you have to acknowledge that you are feeling a void in order to free yourself. It’s better to face the pain instead of running away from it because pushing it aside will only make you feel emptier. I know it can be very tough but acknowledging your feelings and letting yourself feel them will become easier for you to cope with them. Also, writing your emotions down is a good way to remove the negative energy and release the emotion you are feeling. More importantly, practice self-love like do things with the intention of bringing yourself joy and meaning. If you can focus on experiencing good things as fully as you can that will take you away from the emptiness. Have a conversation with this emptiness. Then treat yourself to openness with life, something new, something gentle. Even a small thing. Fill yourself up with lots of small loves for the world. Take all your time and do things at your own pace, best of luck!


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