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What should I do?? I am totally out of control… I was fine till 8th grade… But after I met her, she changed me. Both in good and bad ways… She was independent and I always admired her for that. But the changes she left me with are rather drastic…
I was a good student until 8th… she joined my school in 9th… I was basically very bad at communication and because of that I was cheated by everyone… I was an idiot, believing everyone blindly even after cheating me once… It was then i strongly decided that I should get better at communicating… so I took that chance and daringly talked to her when no one was… That is the biggest regret I have now… she introduced me anime and manga…also made me like BTS… of course I fell in love with all of them… my mom didn’t like her from the very beginning… I ignored her warnings… And I completely got addicted to them… of course they helped me to get out of my depression… but still… She is different from me… she could control herself from overdoing things, unlike me… and now after we got into different colleges, she completely ignored me… I was at residential college… so I contacted her first every time I came home…but now, the way she talks TOTALLY changed… she stopped contacting and gave replies very lately… And so I stopped talking with her as well (because of my EGO problem)… But I am unable to take her off my mind…AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, because of those distractions, I COMPLETELY wasted 3 whole months in this quarantine!! And I cheated in the online exams too… even though I am feeling guilty, it doesn’t last long… now I am unable study anymore… and on top of that I am feeling lonely… It feels like everyone has abandoned me… I want to travel back in time and stop our meeting that day… If I hadn’t met her, then my life would have been totally different… 😞


Thank u for reading this big autobiography of mine😊… I am feeling a lot better now…whoever read this completely, please help me to motivate myself!! I am begging you!!😣🙏 My life depends on this!!😓I will be grateful to you for my whole life!!😟

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Ok, so basically you are a very good human being. How about you think of learning from your mistakes rather than thinking of voiding them?
No one can void the past, but we can for sure learn something out of it to make our life better in future:) So, stop blaming yourself, what has happened is gone, is done.
Start from here now, do good in studies. Word hard: Don’t cheat. And just try to be happy and satisfied. Love yourself. And be happy that such a person who was effecting you and was not good for you is gone out from your life.


Hmm… I get it now… Thanks a lot… I will do better from now on… I will forget about her and stop regretting on things… Thank u for ur guidance😇


Dont worry , from now on , just forget about the past and start moving forward . And after that , if she keeps doing that to you , talk to her , maybe she have a problem . And i hope you two can be together again , it will be great .


Actually, I used to think that I want to be together again… but when I think again, it is just so obvious that she used me to make my friends hers… and then, the time when she left me was very critical… I was not able to get out of depression for quite a few days… it was hard… i felt lonely since I didn’t know whom to talk with… I cried for a long time… That’s when I decided to not to believe anyone ever again, no matter how good they are to me… so now even though I have many “classmates” with me I still don’t want to consider them as my true friends… because I don’t want to get hurt anymore. I decided to keep my heart closed…🙂


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