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what should i do about my friend and her boyfriend there in a toxic relationship and now she is treating me horribly and i have no clue what to do… more info down below

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what should i do about my friend me and her had a sleepover on the 29th and it was fun until she took my phone and texted her boyfriend funny stuff until it got to the point where he asked her what she looked like and without think she went threw my camera roll and picked a photo of my cousin (she’s older then him) and he asked her for nudes not knowing it’s my friend she got pretty sad but it was obvious before hand he was cheating on her from many pictures and proof from many people but she always ignored it after awhile she got pretty mad and blamed me i got upset bc it wasn’t my fault and i told her to stop bit she wouldn’t after awhile she texted her boyfriend asking about it and he gaslighted her into believing it wasn’t him in someway i honestly mad the mistake of not asking for his name but she is still with him and now i asked her if he was being nice but now she is being a jerk to me did i do something wrong what should i do to get my friend to realize he is not a good person


Jabtk insan pyar m hota wo kuch nhi smjhna chahta, sab jaankr bhi moh maya m faskr wahi rukta hai, usko realise tabhi hoga jab dil.tutega aise Aap apne side se bss kosis kr skti lekin smjhna bandi ko hai. But itna ke baad bhi wo agar nhi smjh rhi toh smjhegi bhi nhi

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okay thank you :)

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Shivay @shivay2595

Hope you are doing fine.
You were not at all wrong and she blaming you is totally wrong. So don’t blame yourself for her changed behaviour. Your friend betrayed you on multiple levels.
1st she took your phone and started texting her boyfriend funny stuff. And that’s the invasion of privacy.
2nd due to her stupidity her boyfriend would have different thoughts and feelings about you.
3rd both yoy and your friend invaded and betrayed your cousin. She was not suppose to be the part of it. You let your friend send your cousins photo to a boy that too without your cousins permission. In this case Yes you are wrong. You could have anyhow stopped her from sending your cousins photo to a stranger and then he was asking for her n u des.
It’s better you leave them alone. Till the time your bestfriend won’t get too much hurt till then she won’t understand anything. So for your own peace take a step back and watch.
Because 1st and foremost you matter.
Your mental health and pecae matters.
Just keep on believing in yourself and loving yourself.
All the more power, love and peace to you ✨✨

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