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Wooju @wooju

What motivates you?

For me it’s my inner voice!!

Whenever I’m worried or afraid and giving up my inner voice just speaks

Oye kanna you worked hard till now by avoiding negativity, believing your goals, understanding the situations but at the time when everyone is giving upon you at least you should believe in yourself because you know all your struggles and pain that you have gone through !!! Kanna people are gonna say whatever they wanna say even if you do something right or wrong just like the story of a father, a son and a donkey !!!

So kanna avoid those thoughts and do whatever you wanna do because i know better than anyone how precious you are!!!

I don’t know if I will ever give up or not but for now i keep going !!!

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Idk @_idk_

For me, there isn’t one Ig.

For few things I feel motivated because I wanna do the best for this person (myself), I knew what he deserves and I’ll do my best to get them. So that’s a very big motivation for me.

Sometimes it’s about my own image. I have a very high self-image / self-belief about myself. I have few values/benchmarks for myself, like I won’t break promises or I will always perform up to the level I talk or said. So there’s this inner voice which always kicks in, like “Hey, you can do that. You have to. You said that, and you have to. I believe in you and you surely can.” You know like values you associate yourself with, like Consistent, Reliable, Hardworking, etc etc.

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Wooju @wooju

Oh great!!keep going hope you will be happy wherever you are because you will be with yourself

Idk @_idk_

(And same to you :))

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