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what is your favorite food? I love now&me their is no other platform like it and thank u guys for always commenting now to the story. my Brother is ungrateful he has a tablet and a Nintendo switch and I have a phone he was like you have a phone that’s no fair. he is abusive towards my Mom hits her last time he hit her in the chest with his sweater. I was yelling at my mom one day saying that am trying to protect you she said I don’t need protection I can protect myself. he makes a big fit about wanting to go back to the group home then as soon as they show up he doesn’t want to go . my mom is yelling at the guy before they arrive he says I already told your husband what time am coming my mom says am not my husband he says he’s cleaning and moping my mom says that he should make my brother is first priority. my brother says that if he was to go back he would punch the guy or kill him and take the wheel. he also threatened my mom again saying he will stab and kill her multiple times he said it.

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Um so how old is it brother. He seems young, teenage years. Maybe take him to a doctor to see his health he just didn’t seem fine. Maybe those words of his might turn into something dangerous. PS I’m not diagnosing ur brother but from his behaviour it doesn’t seem normal


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