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What is wrong with me? Why do I always end up being around with shitty people. All I ever wanted is to have good friends whom I can trust. But I guess it’s so hard to find genuine people who will truly care for you. Especially in this era where people are seem to be faking everything.

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It doesn’t have to be like that… Take out some time to know your friends … And if you find them shitty, talk to them about that but with love and care and then make them understand how u feel… If they are still shitty even after that then you can move on and you don’t need toxic ppl in your life … There are plenty of good people on earth… This will help ❤️


Hello. I think you may have a point there. I know somehow one day I’ll find good people to become part of my life. Thank you btw for the advice 😊


Hi friend! I just want to tell you something. Pardon me if i say anything against your wishes. Some years ago i was on the same track where you are right now. This world is becoming just the opposite what we want… we can’t change the persons or we can not change the world alone. You have got the truth already. It is really hard to accept the truth but we have to. This world was never perfect nor a comfortable one. The harsh reality is we can not change anybody in this world except only one ‘YOU’ yes!! only you can be with you no matter what and if you want help how to be you then please trust my words(it is hard but just try one more tme) you can go with BOOKS! yes a good book is equal to 1000 genuine friends. yes my friend, they are my only friends in this critical juncture of time and always was. Trust them. TAKE THE BEST OF YOUR SELF.


Hi. Thanks for this advice. Maybe I’ll take your consideration regarding books. I really appreciate it, somehow you gave me an idea. 😊

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Well you know there are so many fake peoples and they always wanted to cheat you or hurt u so firstly know yourself and know who you are ?? And know your strength and weakness becoz most of the people try to impress us so they said so many lie so if you know yourself and detect there lies then you can find out that person telling u lie and he/ she is not worth person so it is like that and I hope in future u get what u wanted


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