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β€ΊOne Sided Loveβ€ΊThought


what is true unrequited love ?? can u say with examples??

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Avtar @avtar


There are so many examples in the history

Well the facts is real love is always one side
Its a situation where you will become totally selfless that is called one sided or true love for exp. as heer says ranjha ranjha krdi ni m aape ranjha hoi

Matlab ranjhe k pyar m khud ko itna gum kr dia ki khud ki hasti bhul k khud k liye acha bura profit losss sab bhul k sirf ranjhe ki khushi nazar aane lg gai that’s true love and one sided feok heer and similarly for ranjha

You may also considered an example of shree krishan and saint Meera bai


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