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Divyansh Gupta @divyanshgu...

What is this?

Colour that can be read.
Something my heart
can not handle again.

I feel the wind
calm and tame.
Yet I can hear my wild heart
that I can not explain.

Why write?
Why speak?
Why read?

You know my heart?
Soft and pure.
I know the pain
which has no cure.

So here I listen…
To words wrote
in silver and white gold.
How could I allow
this to be sold?

This has too much value.
Then let us share it…

-Divyansh Gupta

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4 replies

Went through all ur poetries…
All are just superb…
Your words touch every chord of the heart
Blessed and fortunate is the one for whom these words have been penned by you…
Keep up ur good work of writing
Always u are such a wonderful person
Made out from the line
Written by you
That others can freely use ur words…
That is so thoughtful n considerate of you
Seems u have a long way to go in writing
Good luck
May u get all the deserved acknowledgement for ur talent n good work…
God bless
Take care
Once again thanks for sharing

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Divyansh Gupta @divyanshgu...

Thank you so much❤️
I am touched .


Wow amazing ,do you write in any social media platforms?

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Divyansh Gupta @divyanshgu...

Thank you, not really, no


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