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Pranav @pranav888

What is the biggest regret you have in life?

Mine is - Being falling into a relationship with a wrong person!

What about you?

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Amandeep Kaur @aman111

To not say a Final goodbye to my beloved pet . As usual, he went out in evening but never came back.
I was residing at my nani house at that time. My mother told me over phone that Cattu ( our cat) didn’t come back home.
Still, there was a hope that he will come back . Its been 10 months now.
I really miss him alottttt.
I called him my Bhai . On last Raksha Bandhan i tied him rakhi also 😊
I used to share every lil detail with him.
Bhut pyara bacha tha ❤

His name was KIKI and i used to sing song… Hey Kiki do you Love Me 😅

Bss yhi ek regret hai ki mai apne kiki se last time mil bhi nhi payi.

We miss you cattu ❤
Tera jaisa aur koi hor hi nhi skta 🥀

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Pranav @pranav888

I am sorry to hear that! I believe this is a reminder for all of us reading your message! Life is short, no one knows what will happen to whom, its important we take care of our loved ones and express our love to them!


Same bro
My pet was not feeling well and i moved to another city
After that i never met him.

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Sree @slh123

Mine in 2 things…during times of entrance preperations…circumstances were not fine even though got many oppertunities could do well at that times…any way god gave me oppertunities to study…then the same thing falling into a relationship with the wrong person…mentally it affect us more…but in btw he is there somewhere in my mind…

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Pranav @pranav888

Thank you for sharing these, it takes courage to talk about it! I am sure you have learned from the past and now acknowledge how to find the right opportunity at right time!

Akshi @akshhi

Mine is once i got angry with my crush and waited for himnto apologise and after that i thought of proposing him. He never came. I waited for the wrong person for like 6 and half years. And when after that i contact him…he just moved on and happy in his life. I got so hurt when i came to know that he was in relationship with other girl within the one month we stoped talking. So yeah its my regret.


Falling in love with my best friend.
Because of this relationship i have lost my best friend.


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