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Kashika @kashika

“What is love?” Remains a question ever unanswered. There is no such proper explanation, but I can safely say that love is when you can’t see your life without that person. When their happiness means the most to you, when a smile on their face can light up your day, when their mood clearly affects yours, and when you just can’t give up on them like that. You do every possible thing to make them happy, and seeing them content is the biggest achievement of your not-so-extraordinary life. You don’t want anything more than them, their love. And when they’re not around, you feel alone; like a part of your soul, a vital element of your existence is snatched away from you, and when they return, you feel like that part, that element has elegantly rejoined your body. Nothing feels more beautiful and heavenly than holding them tight against yourself, their hand gently grasping yours. When your cheeks brush against each other, that soft touch leaves you spellbound. But more often than not, obsession takes over. Love is not just about always being together, it’s also about not being together and still, nothing changes. It’s not just about happy endings- no story ends happily- it’s more than that. Love is about selflessness, sacrifice, and facing hardships even when that person is not with you. Obsession begins when sacrifice is taken to the next level. A fiercer, wilder method to get the love of the person you feel is the most important to you. But the truth is, that love cannot be forced. It happens in one single, throbbing moment when your heart starts beating for someone else, when their well-being is all that you want, all that you care for.

Everyone wants love, no one wants pain, but let’s face it- there is no such bargain. Love and pain come in the same, attractive packaging. When you love someone, you give them the power to inflict pain on you, to hurt you, and when they actually do, you still hope, just hope that maybe, they come back and take you in their arms and say that it was not real. It was probably just a bad dream. But that doesn’t happen.

I died a little that day, that day, when I saw his hand in hers. :’)

2 replies

Avni @avni

This is so beautiful :')

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

You are amazing :*


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