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What is it with falling in for someone else when one is already dedicated. What emotional and more importantly moral rumblings that all effected personal go through and are responsible for? Any one interested in dissecting this?

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Shraddha @shra10

Yes …we can discuss…
Lets try find out what you want how can it be balance well without affecting other person


To start with let’s name them say Mr. A and Mrs. B already married and then enters Mr. X. B falls for X. A has been a good ans devoted husband all the while. So how morally right on Bs part to make A suffer.

PS: I choose X as male for this example. Coming up you can talk of a Ms. Y who would pull the husband out.


Well…live and let live…

I feel it might be just temporary affection or like change…
One is affection and other is infactuation…let them figure out…everything will work out smoothly…

Till then keeep loving…keep smiling…dont let others love affect dedication…

Moral values are created by human…relax…!


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