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“What If’s?”
I wish I had the courage to tell those things here anonymously but I’m really afraid of those reactions I will get here. People have different way of thinking. I’m scared to read some comments that will surely makes me embarrass and overthink again until i ended up having a suicidal thoughts.

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Honey, just do it.

If you read some negative comments, that’s fine.

But never forget the positive and welcoming ones, okay?


Everyone is different and this is anonymous. So if anyone says anything bad, don’t listen, you have to do what is right for you.
People can only give advice and it is you’re choice whether to listen to it.
Be brave and speak out in private x


Hey friend, you are not alone and truth is, in life you must always learn how to filter opinions that come from people. Anything negative you hear shouldn’t settle in your mind. Take the positive ones and apply them anyway possible to your life. I hope you find your peace 🙏


I wish it was that easy to let out those mess here. I wish I had that one best friend of mine to listen eagerly to my whole story why it turned out shitty. The last time I told it to my childhood bestfriend he left me and he kept himself away from me. That almost killed me three times. I’m really sorry, people here in NowandMe, I just wanted to ease up my breathing. I kept those mess with me for 12 years and it’s kinda suffocating.


Even a simple nickname I’m using I dont have the strength to spill out here… The hell was wrong with me… ;(


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