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What i really want i fear that I can’t get it in this generation because we are scared and insecure to leave our comfort zone. The world forces us to be who we don’t want to be it’s forces us to learn and adapt into a habit that we can’t break free of no matter how hard and how much effort we put. Life is so terrible to us growing up we are being lied to everyday being thought false facts that  we know are wrong but we can’t say anything because we don’t have a say in the world until we are fully grown adults that accepts life for what it truly is.  Our parents wants us to be successful but how can we be successful if we are not happy?  This generation is having the hardest battle of their life and that is to NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.  It’s the easiest way to get  out of this hell hole that we are forced to live in. We dream of a place where everyone has  endless compassion  in their hearts , where a smile isn’t forced and a laughter  is just the beginning to another and so on .  We are tired of crying every night underneath these sheets and pillows hoping and praying that someone will come along to help us  or maybe our parents will show us the love we truly long for over the hard cold sleepless years.  Life is  a great gift that is deserved to be lived the best  way possible but in a world like this it’s not a option.        * Show us love before it’s too late* help us and guide us that’s all we ask*. We are tired of the struggling and drama WE JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY.

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This is so true. The ultimate purpose of life is to be happy what you do and wherever you are in life. That’s the precise point right. And I think people are gradually and slowly forgetting that it is so important to be present in the MOMENT, in the NOW.


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