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What i realised today is
Its easy to remain sad , complainig about things which yoiu dont have, …etc etc. . Everybody can do so…because anyone in this world has not everything . If they starts to complain about those things , this whole world would be sad … would you want that ? Obviously not ,… so think in the same way … No one wants you to be sad. Be happy , universe feels that happiness.
Make your life meaningful, ignore bullshit , show up, start learning something ,understand other people, help people even if you are not feeling your best…
fill your life with colors ,
dont stuck at anything which does not make you feel good.

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Hi…Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

The way pinned down everything is beautiful.

You’re right…Manifest kindness and happiness …The universe feels it too.

I’m proud of you for being so positive.

You’re doing amazing.
Loads of love.

I’m here if you want to talk.


So nicely written…
When you laugh the world laughs with you
When you cry
You cry alone…
You know no life is problem free…
Who doesnot like a jolly or jovial person…

There maybe 100 reasons to cry
But even if there is one reason to smile

We should appreciate it n smile

Also try to spread smiles

When you make somebody smile
You too smile automatically …

Very proud of you
Your attitude n thoughts…
Appreciate your uplifting post…

Stay this way always…

Keep smiling n shining

God bless you…

Good luck.


So true!! One must learn to continously move forward in life!