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what he thinks about me
There is guy, who never msg me first and when one day he talks to me alot another day he doesn’t even reply my message where he is free whole day. I used to msg him daily faced these things.I said him that i like u.He replied that ok. So before 2 days i decided to not msg him first. In past 2 days neither he messaged me nor i msged him. Yesterday he liked my last msg on instagram. Means how rude he is, he did not msg me just liked my 2 days old msg that was “okk ji bye”. Then i also becoming he like him liked his last msg “bye”. After that also neither he msged nor me. Now how i came to knw that what he is thinking abt me. And what should i do. Bcoz when i msg him he ignore me.

Post anonymously?

Play cool. Don’t get obsessed. Love is an act that is unconditional. Infatuation and liking is different from that… You deserve someone who always care for you not ignorance


Yes i agree if he doesn’t have the time or any care in the world to text you then he’s not worth it. If you do actually really like him and can’t get over it then I say play it cool for a while don’t make it seem eager that you want to talk to him


he would have messaged you if he would have bothered.
U know sometimes when we talk too much or give more impotance to some1 they start to take us for granted…
u just try to avoid him as much as possible…
if their is something in his heart he will come back…
when it happens judge him first them move ahead.
wish u luck.