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Awakening.Warri... @chosenone

What do you exactly want from your life?

Like how much money?

What kind of partner or job?

Where you want to go?

What do you truly want?

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INFINITY @infinity0407


1. Need Money enough to live a decent life and able to fulfill the needs of kids without any compromise.
2. Job that makes me feel excited and also that helps me to support my partner financially if he is going through financial issues…
3. Partner: Looking for a partner who can truly lead me. I believe relationship in like a teamwork and a team needs a leader for it to work efficiently… So want a man who is a leader of our relationship. Who truly respects my opinion and listen to my opinions and then take up a final decision for the well being of the family wisely. I want to look up to him, learn new things and explore life with him. I want him to teach me new things and feed my curiosity πŸ˜…
What I’m craving for now? I guess I’m craving for an intimacy- intellectual, spiritual and physical [only after getting married]

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