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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

What do you do when you r not old enough to move out of ur parents house and u were born with lots of mental problems and u need medicine to act normal and u have sibling who also have mental problems.

And you and them cost ur parents a lot of stress and money. And you are beginning to get depression but you don’t want to tell them and cause them more stress and money so u keep it bottled up inside and you get more and more sad.

Or when you have depression but u don’t know y so you feel weak and stupid and you spend so much time trying to find why you are depressed and you just keep putting yourself down about it and you call yourself stupid and ugly and weak because you are depressed for no reason and then you do the same for putting urself down and it’s an ongoing cycle and u just keep getting sadder and sadder.

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Hey. Hakuna matata. Chill.
First of all. You are not alone nor weak. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression since I was 9. But I still have the strength to say “I’m not weak”.
You can not blame yourself for something you don’t have control over. It’s your parents choice to care for you. They could have left you for dead but they didn’t, right? Because they care and love you. Don’t feel like you are just another expense for them or you are draining their money. Because they want you to get better.
But you won’t get better with that attitude. Change your attitude. After awhile you will find out that you don’t need the medication anymore.
It’s not you fault for having problems. But you can change that. Everyday right something nice about yourself and if you are struggling, ask a friend or a family member. Right each day something different. If they can see you like this maybe it’s time for you to see yourself like that too.
If the negative thoughts get to you deny them. The best way to become brave is to fake it at first. Fake it till you make it true.
If you ever feel like giving up tell yourself that you want that change and you aren’t giving up because you are strong. And you are only going to become stronger.
Get it together and make them proud.
If not for you, for them. Make them not worry.


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