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What do you do when the person you love expresses their frustration with your depression? They keep saying how they always try to help but I never listen. I feel it’s my fault and I hate myself now.

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Tbh I could never be with anyone who doesn’t try to understand my depression or anxiety. Dealing with someone who has this mental illness is not for the weak minded, if they really care they would get informed on how to help or at least try to show some empathy. It’s not your fault, you didn’t ask to have depression and anyone who values you will make things feel easier not the opposite. Maybe the help they are offering isn’t the adequate help, but don’t never stop communicating and most importantly never stop listening. People can communicate all they want but if the other person isn’t willing to listen and actually try to Understand then nothing will ever be resolved. So I hope both of you are Communicating and listening. Sending you the best of vibes.

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