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yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

What do we call a situation where one is doing it all to make his/her life settle up in a positive way but somehow things are not working out in his/her favour!
Let’s take for example.
Last December I was planning to quit my job by March end 2022. But in March I met a guy, set up by my family for marriage reasons. I was fine and I went ahead. Surprisingly he wanted to consider this alliance but also wanted to take time to know me. I was fine too with his decision. I decided not to quit my job soon. I was expecting for us to come to the decision in 3 months since families were involved and also I wanted to look for another job In another city where he was actually staying so I needed buffer time to prepare all this. We talked and decided to set the target max for 3 months and we will come to the decision. Somehow things didn’t go as planned. By the 3rd month he got busy with a huge project and we hardly had any talks. So I just let it flow on its own. By 4 months my whole family popped up with questions about our progress and I just bluffed them to get more time and talk to him about the decision. In month 4 he came back and surprisingly he too wanted to make the final decision. We fixed the date to meet. All was set and one of my family members had a medical emergency and so we had to skip our meet-up. This time 2 weeks passed by and our touch was less since I was busy with my family but somehow we kept in touch over mail. Once the medical emergency sorted I got back to him to plan our meet-up again. And we did so for next month. But till that time he was highly affected by his work stress and he was constantly falling sick. He took tension over himself about everything because even his family is after his decision. Now it’s our 5th month and I will be out of the city for the next 2 weeks for work purposes which means another delay.
I’m so frustrated with this because such delays are not done to any of us on purpose but whatever we are planning things are going opposite. Above that my family started to pressurize me. So overall, I’m stuck in my stressful job and this marriage thing is not coming to any conclusion feels like I’m cursed. It’s the life that is not falling in place what’s my fault in it? What should I understand our of it? Why I’ m punished?

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yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

Actually I m all tired and so does he seems too… our conversation are also going weak. In my mind I m giving up but outside I m keeping hold… 2 months ago there was hope actually … but now its hard understand why things are going off for me. I’m even telling to just take the decision on call and let’s not plan to meet but he don’t want to do that. And now whenever I ask him when we are planning to meet he is not able to fix date…

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

No no just talk to your family about everything like let them know your plans
It’s not about bf-gf
See delays are ok but you both are not giving up right so wait for the date
This time will teach you so many things
Just wait
And take care and best of luck ❤️

yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

Hopefully I’m not being ditched by my life for no reason.

Sidhu @mikey12

Persistence is the key for success.It works in case of job or business but coming to relationships ,only a few .My suggestion is to put up a deadline & inform ur parents regarding this.If he meets within that well & good.If not look for another.If u delay it without deadline then it won’t be good for both of u.

sid @sdt028

It seems frustating to me also, as when i am reading all this. Do you guys live in a two different cities?

yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

Yes 😐

Maina @maina

Well…First of all you need to be calm and be patient with life! There is no such thing like you are being punished or cursed. Everything unfolds into a beautiful picture in the end… till then prioritize your work, spend quality time with family.Let not the marriage thing come between you and your dreams. In the end, all good things work together. Take care


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