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My bf has a female bsf they were pretty close like a lot he used tell her about her sexual life as well… So once while they were talking she said to him that they can be fwb and he denied it and then told me everything m. I didn’t reacted at that time much they were still in contact after that used to meet as well… Then later I was overthinking alot and said everything whatever wasvon my mind to my bf he then blocked her from everywhere in front of again later he unblocked and was going to meet her by lieing to me and some how I got know that again he blocked her in front of me and today he was on call and told him to share me rhe ss of the call whith who you were talking he shared it with me as well but the timing and when I called qas not matching and twhen i called him he was busy on other call I tried to ask him then he said he was talking with his female bsf and lied to me coz I would get angry… And now I’ve blocked him from everywhere this was his 3rd chance givaen by me but i don’t want to lose my self respect anymore…

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