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What are you thoughts on increasing communities of LGBTQ and so on?

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I’m encircled by such communities and in constant contact with them, whenever it comes to a point of leadership qualities i noticed they lack it , majorly one thing all in common is they are less resilient and more emotional sensitive that’s makes decisions weaken and broken. Although when it comes to a point to create a new generation they come up with child with weak human constituency , as a contribution in society there will be a point where male are not male enough with masculinity and same for female with not femininity.
Also noticed when it comes to a come with responsibilities they are less reliable because of weak mental strength. I’m talking on majority of community while in contact with all of them and then I observed this is dangerous to the civilisation as masses are shifting.
Even when it comes to a relationship point of view they are never satisfied with their emotional needs,

I’m writing this apart from the pov where they can be whosoever they are and free to be whatever they are but in terms of larger picture it’s not going to be good.


On one side me being a closeted gay. I think that yeah we were always here but before many people were forced to live a life of lie.
My brother was arguing this one day about how this many people being a part of lgbtq will decrease the population so much that our economy will collapse. Well i also want some opinions about this.
My opinion is that I don’t think anything like this would happen because of so many factors here.
Straight people are also increasing
LGBTQ people can also make babies
And come on even other animals show these sexualities and their economy didn’t collapse🌻

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