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What are some thought-provoking truths that you learned about life only after your 30s?

If you think there’s no one better than her, that’s only coz you don’t know enough of them,

Life is a game. Enjoy it , but maintain your competitive streak,

Dreams die when your caution turns into fear,

What’s love? The person you miss the most when everyone is around,

Why’s it so hard to get rid of clothes that you don’t even wear!!

Paying your bills & still being able to enjoy life with no stress is such an underrated blessing,

Never make a God out of a man . The best of us are still Men at best,

Stupidest thing you could do is try to prove people wrong,

When you aren’t observant you tend to make a lot of silly mistakes,

When you start getting it right & things are beginning to look good, stupid temptations make themselves available. Resist the rubbish,

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