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What according to you is spirituality?


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I am not sure you will understand it, but its a process which helps you realize that you are separate from your ego and remember ego is not arrogance, its “ME” i.e your existence . There is nothing called “me” in this world. I am sure you won’t be able to relate this until and unless your awareness level increases and meditation is one of the tool to increase awareness.

Try watching " Way of a peaceful warrior " or if you do meditation and stuff we can discuss in deep.


thats a really good perspective, and I do understand the ‘me’ aspect of it.
I do meditate but maynot be really match your way but i would love to have deep discussions. I really love deep rooted spirituality discussions😄


Perfect, and also remembers that realization part happens in flick of a second and you don’t need 10-20 years of meditation practice for that, all you need it be to just more aware and be in present. How you can be more in present? What works for me is just shut down your mind and focus on your sense, just look around things without giving a thought, just be present.


Very true, we all tend to be either in the past or future.
Yes, indeed few seconds are enough for us to realise our true nature but to get those few seconds to silence your mind is no less than a war.
It’s is said that 11 seconds of perfect thoughtlessness is enough to get realisation. Even the thought of not having any thought also shouldn’t be there. In other word, make your mind numb/ paralyzed. And it is to achieve this feat for a few seconds,people practice for 20-30 years, right!
And when I said my type of meditation is different, I try consciously to get rid of the dual aspect of life. Be it happiness or some misfortune, I try not to be influenced by those. By not being influenced I mean giving up the me aspect to everything. That’s my take on meditation.😅


that’s stoicism