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What about the dreams that never come true ?

All your life you wanted to run away from the harsh reality and here you are stuck at it

Why ain’t what we want and we never get…

Why life has its own destiny already decided for you.

It sucks to be in this world where you are just alive and not living

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Dr. @freebirdmisha

Dreams can come true. It’s just that you have to work hard and be patient to achieve them. And even after that, they are not coming true, then think, this universe has another plan for you. Life’s another name is harsh reality which only we can make it a good one. It’s not always a scenario that whatever you want will come to you, you just have to wait, work and walk or run toward your goal to get it. If you think everything is decided for you then nothing great will happen in your life. You are the artist of your own life, don’t give the paintbrush to someone else and blame. You don’t have to be just alive and no live, the case should be like I am alive and that’s enough for me to make my life better and get whatever I want. Some people are not that lucky enough to get help from others but can they can make themselves lucky by helping other and making someone’s life easier and more happier. So cheer up and live your life fully.


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