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We’re in the middle of the pandemic, students are testing positive, some have to look after their parents, some don’t even have the energy to get out of bed. Still the education system wants to conduct exams, give assignments, expect students to have attendance.

Share something that really frustrates you about the education system because I believe most of us are on the same page

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Just 4 words
Worst education system ever


They will never teach us how to survive in life n any financial freedom or banking system or how do we face our problems rather they will tell us to get good grades n rank in that theory exams
I personally hate that fuckin theory exams if we want to store some knowledge we can have a various devices for that

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Issy @lostandconfused

Everything! I mean they expect us to be back to normal getting amazing grades etc after quarantine. Um excuse me?!? Those kids haven’t been taught in a classroom for at least 4 months!
Well that’s in England anyways. That felt rlly good to say that lol

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dhvani @dhvanee

Exactlyyyy! They just don’t care. They just feel that as students, it’s our responsibility to study. They say, it’s difficult for the teachers to manage personal and professional lives, and expect us to co-operate, like excuse me? Don’t we have a personal life too? Don’t we have to take care of our families?


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