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We’re currently living in Paris and we have been living in a one-bedroom flat for the last 5 years. And finally we got to visit a flat (2 bedrooms and others) in Paris. So of course I want it. It’s close to my school, I’m closer to my friends (my support system and second family) but my father received an offer of another flat outside of Paris. My father wants to move there, but I don’t. However, I feel like I don’t really have a choice, according to my father it’s a lot cheaper, it’s easier for him. But, my mother and I have to travel 1h or more to get to work/school. My younger sister have to change schools and I will be faraway from my close friends and they don’t want me to move, neither.

I try to show and tell my father why it’s very inconvenient to move there, but he won’t listen. Not only that, but I feel like he keeps shutting me down every time he sees that I’m not happy with it. I don’t want what to think, I know we can’t have everything in life, but I have grown attached to this place and I don’t see myself moving. Of course, I don’t want to live in a one-bedroom flat all my life but… I don’t know, I feel soooo frustrated like life is punishing me and I’m not allowed to be happy and have a normal life like anyone else.

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You should show him how responsible you are, that you’re intelligent and you’re no longer a small child who wants something all the time but you’re an older person that should have some rights about the world. Don’t argue with him just make real and reasonable arguments


Because the reason for moving out is money, you try to get a par time job and earn some extra cash to support the rent. You will learn a lot and will earn money both together.
BTW I’m assuming you’re of legal age for work in France


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